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fluteI launched the studio six years ago today.┬áNo clients, no business plan, no seed money. Just a Macintosh G4 in an unused walk-in closet and a very patient fiancee with a full-time job. I still don’t know whether it was the most reckless thing I could have done or the most reasonable.

Six years out, here are some metrics:

dedicated studio spaces: 4
clients: 24
projects: 220
computers: 6 (2 still in use)
gigabytes dedicated to project archives: 50.95
gallons of coffee consumed: 703 (est.)

Traditional sixth anniversary gifts are iron, sugar, or wood. But more likely, I’ll be marking the occasion with hops, barley, and malt.



Despite her efforts, my 10th grade English teacher didn’t manage to ruin Melville for me. I finished Moby Dick a few weeks ago and now I can’t stop sketching about it.